Revive: Mindful App

UI/ UX Design for a Mindful App Case Study
Research, User Testing, Exploration, Refinement, Final Solution
Student Work - February 2020
40 hours over the course of 4 weeks
Problem Statement
Businesses want employees to be more resilient to increase productivity, boost morale, and shape a positive company culture but lack mental health resources.
My Role
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Brand Identity

Project Overview

Revive is a mobile app used as a tool to assist the practice of mindfulness to those with limited time. The goal is to make your life more focus, productive and simple while on the go. This app provides the user with a variety of meditation sessions and exercised to help relieve stress and anxiety with a simple easy to navigate platform that is customized by AI. The key stakeholder is my professor for he was the overseeing this school project.

Tablet and smart phone with Revive app display
Competitive Analysis
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults-- 18.1 percent of the population. They're highly treatable, yet only 36.9 percent of those suffering receive treatment. Revive is a new mobile app that aims to help users manage and reduce their anxiety.

To begin this project, I spent a few hours getting up to speed on anxiety-related apps and trends within the mental health space. The mental health space is incredibly competitive! The apps cover a broad variety of approaches and specializations. To help identify the market segment that most directly aligns with Revive's positioning, I conducted a competitive analysis. This gave me the opportunity to look for ways Revive might differentiate itself and provide unique value to users.
User Testing
In order to understand the user I created a questionnaire as a guide and interviewed nine people that matched the target audience for Revive. Based on the data collected, I articulated three main user personas and their journeys. User priorities and pain points were established as well to help with the creation of my personas.

User Priorities are:
1)  To identify, track, and find tools to help manage their stress
2)  Measure progress to look for change/ trends
3)  Recognize physical signs of stress
4) To see how they feel before and after a mindful session
5) Able to talk to someone when feeling stressed

User Pain Points are:
1) Feeling intimidated or exposed by sharing sensitive information
2) Overwhelmed at where to start
3) Time is of utmost important to the user
three persona cardsthree user journey first look charts

Based on the user stories the app should be:
+ Trustworthy
     - A way to track progress to show what Revive is doing with their data.
     - Have a clean up-to-date interface
+ Reliable
     - providing detailed, mood-oriented meditation options
     - Display accurate data/ information
+ Usable
     - Understanding of user scenarios and goals
     - Timely and non distracting

Based on the user needs some feature of the app includes:
- A way to track progress
- Connect with a mentor
-Explore the app/ try out mindful sessions with out an account

To get a sense for the flow and get user feedback I started with wireframes.

mid fidelity wire frame sequence of login in to mindful app

Feedback from the wireframes:
     - A way to make note of how you feel and how well you did during your session
     - A success screen after completing the baseline questions/ introductions phase of setting up an account
     - Have your library / sessions on the main profile page for quick accessibility

To get a sense for the flow and test experience an interactive prototype was created with the feedback from the wireframe and user goals in mind.

The purpose of the prototype was to:
     - test whether the wireframe and design flow are helping the user achieve their goal
     - Access whether the interactions are clear

Check out the prototype HERE!

high fidelity screens of check in feature on mindful app
Final Solution

This app provides the user with a variety of meditation sessions and exercised to help relieve stress and anxiety with a simple easy to navigate platform that is customized by AI. The option to find a mentor and browse as a guest are some key features to help the user reach their goals.

Color and UI style:
Shades of blues and purples are the main colors to bring a calm feel. A pop of orange is used to compliment and bring positive energy and joy to the design. Rounded shapes, symmetry, and repeated patterns to promote joy and exploration.  The layout is kept simple to make it easy for the user to navigate.

Some Compromises made include:
+ Guest Log in Option
+ Main Navigation Menu located at the bottom
+ Logo in the upper right corner
+ Breathe Timer is a square

styleguide for revive a mindful appthree detailed screens mock up of revive mindful appmock up of the app library on iphone