The 1908 Coffee Lab

Logo Design & Branding (2019)
My Role: Graphic Design | Brand Development
Client: The 1908 Coffee Lab
Course: Branding - Chatham University
Objective: The 1908 Coffee Lab needs to have its own unique identity that blends well with its parent company Melita. The client wanted a clean and professional appearance targeted to young professionals.
Project Overview: The 1908 Coffee Lab is a Melitta coffee institute campus. The name comes from the year Melitta Bentz invented the first paper coffee filter. This project was completed as part of a graduate class. All classmates competed, and my mark came in first place.

logo on a glass door
In order to get to know the client and what makes the business or organization unique I started with a design brief. This research phase includes a creative brief, mind mapping exercises to find visuals and mood boards to really set the tone and get the overall feeling of the 1908 identity. I presented my ideas to the client for feedback and directions on the results.

Next, sketch and design phases are where the rubber meets the road, and all the ideas come together into a visual answer to the design problem. It included sketches for approval followed by three digital options for the client to choose from. This is also an opportunity for your feedback and development.

Finally, the implementation and mock-up of uses for the brand. This is an opportunity for the client to see how the brand will work in applications before ever send them to print or production.
+ Creative Brief
+ Mind Mapping
+ Mood-board
+ Sketching
+ Digital
+ Implementation
brainstorm mind map along with sketches and three logo ideasdifferent ideas of the chosen logoLogo applied to apronslogo applied to hats and t shirtslogo applied to business cards letterhead a notebook